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Ceramic Tiling

Ceramic Tiling

Bolster Flooring supplies and fits a broad range of ceramic tiling including bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, wall and floor tiles, porcelain tiles and natural stone tiles.

There are numerous advantages to ceramic tiling. It is a versatile architectural resource that can be used in many environments. Tiles are great for conducting heat from under-floor heating systems and for tanking and water-proofing bathrooms. Tiles are also an excellent choice in entrance halls and foyers or as feature walls behind office reception desks.

Glazed ceramic tiling has a protective layer that renders it water and stain proof. It is also resistant to high levels of humidity which makes it ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.

Ceramics are also extremely tough and durable. An expert installation by Bolster Flooring will last 10-20 years and longer, if maintained properly.

Ceramic tiles require little maintenance. Dirt, stains and liquids can be wiped away with ease.

There are also a multitude of design options. Tiles of any colour can be cut into many shapes and sizes and can be mixed and matched in endless ways. They can be adapted to nearly any surface, inside or out.

Ceramic tiling is also environmentally friendly as it is made from natural clay and glass that is, in most cases, recycled.

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