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Entrance Matwell Systems

Entrance Matwell Systems

Bolster Flooring supplies and installs Forbo mat well entrance flooring systems to keep dirt and moisture out of your building and to prolong the life of your floor covering while also reducing cleaning & maintenance costs and the potential for slip injuries.

A mat well is a recess within the floor designed to enable an entrance mat to be installed that will sit level with the surrounding surface. We specialise in fitting Forbo entrance mats as they perform excellently in the toughest of environments: rain, snow, sand or soil are all kept out of your building. This means a cleaner floor which reduces the risk of injuries from slipping and increases its durability. Cleaning and maintenance costs are also reduced.

Entrance mats can be installed anywhere –public buildings, offices, hotels, restaurants and industrial facilities all make use of them to keep their buildings cleaner, tidier and safer. Bolster Flooring are Forbo specialised fitters. Forbo is a leading global player in the flooring industry, providing superior solutions across the board. Forbo entrance mats are designed to interact with the various soiling behaviours, so they are suitable for all environments.

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