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DPM and Floor Levelling Coating

DPM and Floor Levelling Coating

Damp Proof Membrane
A damp proof membrane (DPM) is necessary to protect the floorcovering installation from residual construction moisture and ground water vapour. Even if you have determined that the moisture content of your sub-floor is low, you still should apply a DPM to prevent future damp or moisture problems occurring.

DPM is particularly effective as a barrier/seal coating over freshly laid hardened concrete prior to the application of conventional levelling compounds, carpet and tile adhesives. DPMs work by creating a barrier between a concrete sub-floor and the surface, be it wood, tiles, laminate or carpet, stopping the ground moisture from reaching it.

Levelling Compounds
Once your floor has been damp-proofed, it is ready for a levelling compound. Bolster flooring applies latex and water based compounds with fast setting and hardening properties to create a smooth sub-floor. A smooth and level sub-floor is necessary for the laying of tiles, lino, wood or carpet. It makes the application of these surfaces a great deal easier. It will also improve the appearance and extend the life of these floor coverings.

Levelling compounds are applied at various thicknesses to ensure an easy and successful floor surface installation.

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