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Floor Preparation

Floor Preparation

Shot Blasting
Shot blasting provides the ideal surface profile for all types of coatings and floorings. It is effective in the removal of old damaged coatings facilitating the application of any new flooring system. Shot blasting is fast, safe and environmentally friendly. It is especially good for large area floor surfaces: a cost-effective method of preparing new floors prior to application of leveling compounds. As Bolster Flooring use dust free technology our shot blasting services can be provided in sensitive areas such as places where food is prepared or manufacturing environments.

Shot blasting cleans and textures the surface to provide the best adhesive properties. The surface is conditioned allowing coatings to gain adhesion both physically and chemically. Shot blasting also leaves surfaces dry so that they are ready for immediate re-coating.

Scabbling is an effective way of removing old, damaged levelling compounds, screens, old floor tiles and bitumen. Bolster Flooring specialize in scabbling services that are quick, cost effective and guaranteed to get the desired results. Our equipment and expertise have a wide variety of applications. There are numerous surfaces for which scabbling is ideal. The technique is predominantly used to remove stains and marks and reduce levels in concrete. It can also be used to remove latex screeds, adhesives and contaminants, provide anti-slip properties and provide a key to power floated concrete.

Bolster flooring have a variety of grinders ranging from triple to single head, used to remove waterproof membranes and heavily built up adhesives.
Blemishes can also be removed, giving the concrete floor a smooth clean finish so that it is ready for a new covering. Grinding is slower than shot blasting and scabbling but it is the only process that can provide a polished finish or a microfine substrate.

Due to their attachments, grinders are very versatile machines. There are a variety of types and grits to suit many different applications. The three most common types are silicon-carbide-impregnated grinding stones, tungsten carbide inserts and diamond-segmented grinding tools. Diamond grinding is ideal for epoxy installations and is routine for contractors. There are various grits available for coarse or fine polishing.

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